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  • Easy Territories in Excel Pivot Tables
    You pivot table has a list of cities, but no Territory field: There is an easy way to create a virtual Territory field: 1) Select the cities in the first territory (Click on first city, Ctrl+Click on others) 2) In the Pivot Table Tools ribbon, click Group Selection. 3) By default, they call the territory(...)
  • View 2 Excel Workbooks Side by Side where both Scroll!
    Need to see two workbooks side by side?   With both workbooks open, go to the View tab and click View Side by Side. This column of 3 icons are the first to shrink on this ribbon tab, so most of the time it is a tiny unlabeled column as you see on the right.(...)
  • Challenging ExcelTV to the Ice Bucket Challenge
    I will be the guest on the August 20, 2014 edition of ExcelTV. I am challenging the three hosts – Oz, Rick, and Jordan to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Post by Bill Jelen. Here is Zeke’s challenge video: Post by Zeke Jelen.
  • F2 Stops Excel RefEdit Boxes From Inserting Cell Addresses
    Maybe you are setting up Conditional Formatting, or defining a Name. It could be any dialog where you have a RefEdit control (the boxes with the red arrow at the right). You mis-type something and instinctively press LeftArrow LeftArrow LeftArrow to correct it. But Excel starts inserting cell addresses instead of moving left.   This(...)
  • Add a ToolTip to Any Cell in Excel
    ToolTips are awesome, right? You see them all the time in the Ribbon. If you are creating a worksheet for someone else to use, why not add reminders and notes to the cells they are supposed to fill out?   The steps are super-easy. 1. Select the cell where you want the ToolTip to appear.(...)