Workbook Navigator

The Workbook Navigator lists all of the workbooks and worksheets that you have open in Excel. Use this navigator to move between sheets and to create, copy, move, combine, print, hide/unhide, rename or delete sheets from within the opened workbooks.

The navigator is useful when you have workbooks containing large numbers of worksheets open. Moving between worksheets can be time consuming if you use Excel's tabs since you have to scroll in order to locate the desired sheet.

The copy, combine, delete, and print buttons work on all of the items you have selected at left.

To select multiple items, use the control or shift keys when you click an item to have that item added to the selected items in the list.

In the Workbook Commands area, you can open, save, save as, close or create a workbook.

You can shrink the Workbook Navigator so that it is a floating toolbar within your Excel session. To expand the Workbook Navigator, click in the area below the title bar.

If the Always On Top box is checked, the navigator will remain on top of Excel when you switch away from it.