Selection Navigator

The Selection Navigator tool lets you manipulate any selection you make on a sheet. You can move the selection cell by cell; you can extend or contract the selection. You can even swap your selection copying and pasting with a single click. The Selection Navigator dialog box has six main areas.

  • The Expand area has direction arrows that extend the selected range either to the end of the data range or cell by cell up, down, to the left or right.

  • The Reduce area has direction arrows that reduce the selection range by either columns or rows from the top, bottom, left or right.

  • The Nudge area provided direction arrows that move the selection range either by row, column or to the bottom, top, left or right of the data range.

  • The Swap/Move area contains direction arrows that actually move the data within the selected range within the data range. Arrows in this area permit moves by row or column, or to the left, right, top or bottom extremes of the data range.

  • The set area lets you specify a selection range by manually entering the coordinates of the desired range.

  • The Named Ranges area allows you to define names for the current selection and select existing named ranges.

The Selection Navigator dialog box can be 'shrunk' to stay resident within the open workbook. Once the Selection Navigator is minimized, it can be maximized by clicking on the grey area beneath the title bar.


  • Open Easy-XL's Sample Workbook
  • Select the Invoices Sheet
  • Select a range of cells near the top of the sheet, say A1 to D10.
  • Select Selection Navigator from the Easy-XL Menu
  • The Selection Navigator appears with five main areas: Expand, Reduce, Nudge, Swap/Move and Set. You can specify the range you want manually through the Set area or you can do it using the expand and reduce arrows. Nudge will move the selection area around your sheet, while Swap/Move will take the data in your selection area and move it within the sheet. In addition to up, down, left and right arrows, there are arrows that will expand your selection to the nearest border or move the selection or data to the border.
  • For the purposes of this example, click the right arrow button in the Expand area. This will expand your range into the next column to the right. Click the left arrow in the Reduce area to contract the selection range to its original size.
  • Next, click the down arrow in the Nudge area. You will note that the entire selection range shifts down by one row.
  • Note: careful with the Swap/Move arrows as it will take your data and shift it around the spreadsheet.