Workbook History

Easy-XL's Workbook History provides a way of managing and opening the workbooks that you work with regularly.

By default Easy-XL remembers the last 25 workbooks that you open with Excel. You can increase or decrease this value in Easy-XL's Options dialog.

The list of workbooks is displayed with the following columns:


The name of the workbook file on disc.


The date the workbook was last opened in your copy of Excel.


The folder in which the workbook is stored on disc.


A flag indicating that this is a favorite workbook. You can toggle the status of the favorite flag simply by double clicking the Favorite column of the desired workbook.


A flag indicating that this workbook should be opened whenever you start Excel. You can toggle the status of the auto-open flag simply by double clicking the AutoOpen column of the desired workbook.


Here you can assign your own categorizations to each workbook.

Once items are flagged or categorized, you can arrange the workbooks by sorting the grid on any of its columns. To sort the grid, double-click on the desired column header.

Other Commands


Open the currently selected workbook.

Browse Folder

Open Windows Explorer to browse the contents of the folder containing the currently selected workbook file.


Refresh the workbook history list. Use this feature if you have opened workbooks while the workbook history list was still open.

Save As Sheet

Saves the workbook history grid to a new Excel worksheet.


Closes the Workbook History dialog.

The Show Dropdown

This allows you to filter the workbooks displayed in the list by favorites, auto-open or the categories that you have specified.

Always On Top

When checked, the dialog will remain on top of Excel when you switch to Excel and leave the dialog open.

Minimize on use

If checked t hen when you open a workbook using this dialog, the dialog will be minimize so that you can restore it later when you need it.