File And Folder Listings

This command creates a new worksheet containing a list of all of the files and folders in the location that you specify.

Enter the path to scan or click the browse button to select a location. For special locations such as temporary internet files or the user's desktop folder, select the desired location from the dropdown listbox provided.

Specify *.* to include all files in the listing. Specify *.xls* to include only Excel workbooks in the listing. You can also specify any other type of wildcard filename such as *.MDB, March*.* etc.

The following options are available:

Folder Names Only

Includes only a list of folders and subfolders in the listing. This option is not available if the Tabular Format option is checked.

Include Sub Folders

Search from the location specified and include any sub folders. This is sometimes called a recursive folder search.

Tabular Format

When checked, the entire path name of each file and sub folder is included on each and every row in the resulting worksheet. When not checked, the path name is included only once for each file in a folder as in the following screenshot.