Compare Sheets

The Compare comand summarizes two worksheets by the group columns that you specify and provides you with counts, sub-totals and differences for the specified columns in each worksheet.

Simply select the column or columns to summarize (group) by, select the sub-total columns that you require for each worksheet and then click the Finished button.


  • Open Easy-XL's Sample Workbook
  • Select the Invoices 2008 Sheet
  • Select Compare from the Easy-XL Menu
  • In the Select Sheets to Compare dialog box, select the Invoices2007 sheet.
  • Select ProductNo as the first Group By column in the Compare Columns section.
  • Select Quantity as the second Group By column in the Compare Columns section.
  • In the Sheet1 Totals and Sheet2 Totals sections, check the Quantity and Amount columns.
  • Click Finished.