Query By Match

This command provides you with the ability to extract records into a new worksheet by matching against a specific range or ranges of data contained in a worksheet.

First, select the column that you would like to match on.

To specify a range of values to match on, click the appropriate Range button. Now switch to the worksheet containing the items you would like to match and then highlight them and then close the Excel range selector.

You can specify up to 3 ranges.

Choose the desired match or no match option and click Finished.

Easy-XL will extract all rows where the match column is equal to one of the values in the range or ranges specified.


  • Open Easy-XL's Sample Workbook
  • Select the Invoices Sheet
  • Select Match Sheets from the Easy-XL Menu
  • In the Match Sheets dialog box, select the column you wish to match. In this example we’ll use Salesperson.
  • Click the first Range button and then go to the Salesperson worksheet and select 10 cells in the SalesPerson column.
  • Click Finished.