Add Calculated Columns

The Add Calculated Columns command allows you to create a column that is based on a formula.

The name of the new column is entered in the Column Name text input. You can have Easy-XL name the colum for you by checking the Name New Column Based On Formula option.

The Save Formulas as values option lets you stored the results of the calculations instead of the formulas themselves.

You can create the following types of columns

  • Formula - Click on the Formula input or the Formula button to display the formula builder. Here you can enter the formula.

  • Conditional Value - This lets you build an Excel IF(condition, value if true, value if false) formula. Click on the Condition input or the button to the right of it to build your condition. Next enter the value to use if the condition is true. You can enter a formula here as well. Finally, enter the value to use if the condition is false. Again, you can enter a formula here.

  • Random Number - Enter the lower and then upper limit for the values to be generated. For example, if you enter -3 and +3 then you get numbers ranging from -3 to +3 inclusive.

  • Days Difference (age) - This will create a column that contains the number of days difference between two dates. You'll need to have at least two date columns in the worksheet. Values in the second date column specified will be subtracted from those in the first date column specified.

  • Cumulative Value - The value of the specified column is accumulated for each row in the selected worksheet.

  • Row # - This creates a column containing the row number. If you were to sort the worksheet and needed to get it back in its original physical order, you would use this column to re-sort it.

If the column is numeric then you can specify how many decimal places to format it with, in the Column Decimals input.